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The Museum



 The Woodford County Historical Society Museum features items of significance to Woodford County history. Permanent and changeable exhibits allow visitors to catch a glimpse of Woodford County's past.

The collection contains many items of Civil War memorabilia, including General Grant's field glasses, presented to Captain Fuller after the siege of Vicksburg. Fuller was an uncle of Woodford County 19th Century Women's Rights activist, Josephine Henry, who resided in Woodford County most of her life.

Other Civil War items include bullets and bullet molds, Confederate money, uniform buttons, and a Union saber.

Items of everyday use, such as quilts, clothing, hats, gloves,
flatware, furniture, and a spinning wheel are also on display.


The museum and genealogy library of the Woodford County

Historical Society at 121 Rose Hill in Versailles, Kentucky, are free and open to the public.

The  Buggy
Woodford  County  Schools  Exhibit


Artifacts from Versailles include the clapper from the Woodford County Courthouse bell, circa 1845, and several bricks used to pave the early Versailles streets.

Photographs of 42 Woodford County schools taken in 1892 for exhibit at the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago are on permanent display in the museum. The students and teachers are pictured in most of the photographs. Perhaps your great-grandmother or grandfather is there!

Photographs or paintings of the six Kentucky governors with ties to Woodford County are also on display on one wall of the museum, complete with a short biography of each:


  • Charles Scott 1808-1812

  • John Jordan Crittenden 1848-1850

  • Luke Pryor Blackburn 1879-1883

  • Albert Benjamin "Happy" Chandler
    1935-1939 and 1953-1959

  • Martha Layne Hall Collins 1983-1987

  • Brereton C. Jones 1991-1995

Images captured and generously donated by Rick Keeling.  
Versailles resident
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