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Our Restoration

The Big Spring Church, erected in 1819, was originally called the Big Spring Meetinghouse.  Located at 121 Rose Hill Avenue in Versailles, Kentucky, the building has had many renovations and uses over its lifetime.  In 1969, it was purchased by the Woodford County Historical Society and underwent a major renovation project restoring it as much as possible to its original construction.  


The church was used as a Baptist Church until 1833 when Jacob Creath invited Alexander Campbell to preach. His doctrine split the church and the Campbellites took over the church and the Baptist congregation moved out. The Campbellites (Christian Church) sold the church building because it was too small and moved to Locust Street in 1855.


The church building went through a series of different uses. It was used first as a wool yard, then as a residence and boarding house. In 1877 it was used as a private girls school, then a boarding house again. It was a black funeral home,  a house of ill favor, a cabinet shop and boarding house/ residence again until the Woodford County Historical Society bought it in September of 1969 and started restoration for a permanent museum.

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