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Research Materials


The Woodford County Historical Society's genealogy library contains more than 1,200 surname files on families from Woodford County. The files contain information collected for more than 30 years. Much of the information was donated by researchers who wish to share their work with others interested in researching a particular family name. These files have been a source for connecting long-lost or unknown living family members in touch with one another.

Books of family genealogies are also part of the library and contain information which includes family trees, family stories, photographs, letters, and other memorabilia critical to tracing family histories and genealogies.


More than 1,000 subject files contain information on places, events, famous (and infamous) Woodford County people, homes, churches, civic organizations, horses and horse farms, a great number of other topics. 

History books on Woodford County, and other Kentucky counties, as well as books on many other states, may be found in our library.  We also offer listings/abstracts of censuses, marriage bonds, wills, deeds, court orders, cemeteries and other critical information necessary for research.

The microfilm and microfiche collection is extensive for a small library. Documents in our microform library include:


  • Church Records

    • for many local churches, some dating back
      as early as 1801


  • Cemetery Records

    • Midway Cemetery 1890-1977

    • Versailles Cemetery 1850-1995


  • Census Records

    • Woodford County 1810-1930


  • City of Versailles Minute Books

    • 1880-1985

  • Deed Books

    • Woodford County 1789-1870 and 1929-1959

  • Executor Bonds

    • Woodford Co. 1802-1868


  • Funeral Home Records

    • 1909-1989


  • Genealogies

    • (various)


  • Guardian Bonds

    • Woodford Co. 1831-1864


  • Marriages

    • Woodford Co. 1789-1967 (white) 

    • Woodford Co. 1866-1970 (African-American)


  • Militia Tax Roll Book

    • Woodford County 1790-1795


  • Mortgages and Tax Liens

    • 1928-1950


  • Newspapers

    • Woodford Pennant 1860-61

    • Woodford Weekly

    • Woodford Sun 1870-2005

    • Kentucky Gazette 1787-1802

    • Bluegrass Clipper (Midway, Ky.) 1877-1899

    • Mercer Co. newspapers 1884-1893

    • Franklin Roundabout 1886-1889


  • School Records

    • Woodford County 1884-1909


  • Scrapbooks, diaries, and personal collections of various persons connected to Woodford County


  • Slave Census

    • Woodford County, 1850 and 1860


  • Tax Lists

    • Woodford County 1790-1881


  • Vital Statistics

    • Woodford County 1874-1876


  • Will Books

    • Woodford Co. 1788-1888 and 1928-1960

AND MORE - our collection continues to grow all the time.


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